Fundamentals of Numerical Computation

Undergraduate textbook in computational mathematics.

Exploring ODEs

A different kind of introduction to ODEs.

Learning MATLAB

Streamlined approach to MATLAB for veteran programmers.

Putting a math- & code-heavy textbook online

Some changes arrive with great drama and attention. Others creep in stealthily, like the gradually warming water that boils the proverbial frog (contrary to reality). I can’t think of the last time I welcomed the sight of a printed journal in my mailbox. Though I might print the occasional article that needs to be pored over slowly, I’ll recycle that copy after a bit; the electronic version is the one that I archive.

The sorry state of teaching ODEs

I’ve spent the last two spring semesters teaching ODEs (ordinary differential equations) to a total of about 170 biomedical and chemical engineering majors. The content is dictated by a number of constraints: the perceived desires of the client departments, multiple instructors, all of whom have more experience with the course than I do, and traditional expectations. Based on a limited survey of popular textbooks ( this, this, and our choice, Brannan and Boyce), many courses like this are quite similar.

Flipping experiences