Schwarz–Christoffel Toolbox for MATLAB

Conformal mapping to regions bounded by polygons.

The SC Toolbox is a problem-solving environment for computation and interaction with conformal maps to regions bounded by polygons, including unbounded regions, logical quadrilaterals, and channels. It includes a module for the solution of the Laplace equation on such regions with piecewise constant boundary conditions, to ten digits or more in seconds. Nearly all of the Toolbox functions are accessible through a graphical interface.

The software is distributed primarily on Github. You can directly download a zip archive of the latest release.

There is an old user guide that remains fairly relevant. There are also many usage examples in my book, which has a lot of mathematical and computational information about S–C maps.

If you need a copy for an older version of MATLAB (major versions 4,5,6), please contact me.