NDNC 2015


In August 2015, the conference on New Directions in Numerical Computation was held in the Andrew Wiles building at the University of Oxford. We have slides from some of the presentations. (Thanks to Rodrigo Platte for the chebcake function that generated the cake above!)

Nick Higham put together a compilation of all of the tweets made during the conference. And Cleve Moler has blogged about it.

The AMS Notices published a collection of essays written by the invited speakers on the subject of "New Directions in Numerical Computation."

I recorded some brief (dark, grainy) videos from the conference dinner. (These are marked "private" on youtube and can't be found by searching.)

Here are some photos contributed by myself and the attendees. (Thanks to Mark Van Barel, Elias Wegert, Mark Embree, Ramis Movassagh, and Peter Hudston for contributing photos to the collection.) Full size versions of the files can be found here.

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